I am from Arlington Texas and am the youngest of 4 children. I grew up in a loving, Christ- like home, saw my parents follow Christ passionately, heard from my children’s pastor the good news, but yet none of that made me a Christian. It seemed as if Jesus was all around me, but yet, He wasn't living inside of me, transforming me everyday like I heard my parents talk about. It wasn't until my freshman year of high school, at a church camp in Elizabethtown Kentucky, that I fully surrendered my life to Christ. I fully and completely understood that God loves me so much, that He sent His one, and only Son, to earth, taking on human flesh, subjected to an unjust beating and ultimate death, being buried for three days and being risen from death by the power of His Spirit. From that day to this, I have, by the help of the Holy Spirit, faithfully and eagerly followed Jesus! I am currently a student at Scarborough College in Fort Worth Texas studying Biblical Studies and am working as Stonegate's Kids Ministries intern! I enjoy eating Chick-fil-a and playing card games with friends!


My hope for Stonegate is that they continue to faithfully and eagerly love Jesus, love people, and continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus with urgency!

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