I grew up in Mississippi and moved to Texas during high school. God was gracious to place me in a Christian family where I learned to value loyalty and hard work. I met Jesus while in high school, and in my senior year realized without a doubt that God wanted me to devote my life to ministry. After high school, I went to Dallas Baptist University where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, worked full-time for the Police Department, and met my beautiful and joy-filled wife, Kenzie, who I married in the spring of 2019.

I started attending Stonegate in the fall of 2013, started serving in the student ministry in 2014, graduated from the Worship Institute in 2016, and joined the staff in 2018. It has been one of the joys of my life being apart of the Stonegate family as I help communicate the most important message in all of history (the gospel) through songs, sermons, social, and stories.

In my spare time, I am taking classes at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, walking my dog, listening to podcasts, reading a book, enjoying music, eating good food, playing a board game, or watching football.


My hope is to see the people of Stonegate united in purpose of knowing God, in passion for God's glory, and in pursuit of making disciples.

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