We all need seasons of turning down the volume of our lives, for the sake of listening to the whispers of our God. That season is Silent January. Silent January is a 30 day church-wide challenge to FAST, FEAST, and FOCUS.

It is a season of fasting from media, and maybe meals too. But most importantly, it is a season of feasting on Jesus through Word and prayer and focusing on Jesus through silence and solitude. Or you might think of Silent January as a season to explore new habits to keep your heart happy in Jesus. Below you’ll find the three keys habits of Silent January explained. 

  • 1. FAST
      • A 30 day break from all social media activity. We’d encourage you to log out of all social media accounts, on all your devices, and delete the apps from your phone.
      • Limit all other media: TV, news, video games, radio, etc. We’re inviting you to explore the forming effect of media on your heart. So ask hard questions: What form of media does my heart jump too when bored? What limits need to be applied to my media intake, so my heart can hear from and enjoy more of Jesus.
      • Other FASTING options to consider: We’d invite you to explore fasting from food for 24 hours (dinner to dinner) once per week. You could do this communally with friends or your group. 
  • 2. FEAST
        • Get on a 2022 Bible Reading Plan. The 2022 Stonegate Plan is available for download.
        • Connect every day of Bible Reading to prayer. Let every day of reading lead you to prayer, a genuine pouring out of your heart to God.
        • Fill out a prayer request card each week. Every Sunday in January we’ll have prayer request cards available. Each Sunday commit to 1) ASKING Jesus for one way others can pray for you each week, 2) WRITING that on the card, and 3) ALLOWING our prayer team to intercede for you.
        • Other FEASTING options to consider: Read the Bible with a group through January, and check in daily to encourage everyone in your group to read. Gather with friends or your group once per week to pray. Come pray (by yourself, with friends, or with your group) at Stonegate’s building from 6:00 - 8:00 am any Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in January.

    Download 2022 Bible Reading Plan

  • 3. FOCUS
          • Schedule 10 minutes a day of Silence and Solitude. The goal of Silent January is not to cut things out of our lives, but to cultivate what’s most important in our life…a rich, vibrant, and responsive walk with Jesus. So we’re asking you to stop for 10 minutes every day, to get alone, and to listen to Jesus.
          • Schedule 1 hour per week of Silence and Solitude. Each week we’re asking you to set aside 1 hour for silence and solitude. This hour is not for Bible reading, but to ask Jesus some questions (we’ll supply a guide for you), and quite your heart to listen. Friends, Jesus loves to speak to his people. And we want to position ourselves in January to hear everything He has to say!
            • Another FOCUS option to consider: We strongly encourage everyone in our church to take one vacation day of 2022, and give it to the Lord in silence and solitude. This would give you a chance to read a large section of the Scriptures, to ask the Lord a series of questions about your life (we’ll supply a guide for you), and to listen.

    Download Silence + Solitude Guide



We hope you will invite everyone you know to join us for Silent January. We believe one moment in the presence of God can change everything. We want January to feel like a feast. We want your heart to be full, satisfied, and happy in the Bread of Life (John 6:35), in the only who promises that His presence brings fullness of Jesus and pleasures forevermore. Friends, we want your heart to be fully alive to the One it was made for. So join us for Silent January!

Download photo below to use to sign off from social media.