Missions is a huge part of our heart at Stonegate we feel that God has called us to help a specific missions emphasis both locally and internationally. We specifically target Church Planting, fostering, and adoption both locally and internationally.  As with most things of God, we are discovering new layers of this call all the time. Currently, it looks like this.                                                       

We believe valuing the vulnerable is central to the heart of God.

    Our aim is to follow the command of James 1:27 with intentionality and passion. This command is not for a select few but for the Church as we seek to serve the most vulnerable children through foster care and adoption. Some will foster and provide short-term havens of support. Some will adopt and form forever families. Some will come alongside these families and provide much needed emotional, spiritual, and financial support. There is a role for everyone and our team seeks to encourage, equip, and empower believers to serve these children and their families.

    Our team seeks to connect interested families with agencies that fit their calling by assessing their calling and resources then networking them with like-minded agencies that provide foster care and adoption (local and international). In addition to finding the right agency, we also help determine their financial needs and can help support adoptive and fostering families with assistance. The ongoing support of our fostering and adoptive families comes within our Stonegate GROUPS. Here families find connection and support in direct ways from other families and leadership can connect them with our CARE classes as needed for on-going needs. The Group leaders can reach out to our team as special needs arise.

    Our goal is to have a Church that has full participation in the mission of James 1:27. Not everyone is called to Foster or Adopt, but we are all called to do something. Be an Advocate within your Stonegate GROUP. Pray for a family who is fosters or adopts. Serve them with meals, cleaning (cars, home), donations of clothes or other needs. Join our team and help create events that serve these families like Back to school supply drives, Angel Tree, Parent’s Night Out, Support groups, Retreats, etc.




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