Online giving has many unique advantages. It allows regularity and consistency in our giving. It allows for us to easily plan our giving. It forces us to give out of the first fruits of what has been entrusted to us.

For these reasons, we encourage you to give online.

However, we also want you to be aware of a pitfall to online giving. The New Testament urges us toward glad-hearted sacrifice in our generosity. To stay at that place of glad-hearted sacrifice requires us to consistently reflect upon two questions.  

What has the Lord entrusted to me in this season? 

What would sacrificial generosity look like in light of what the Lord’s entrusted to me?

The main pitfall with online giving is that it often times keeps these questions from being asked. So as we encourage you to give online, we also want to encourage you to set monthly reminders to stop and reflect upon the two questions above.

We also encourage you to use ACH. 

As a church, we want to be faithful stewards of every dollar Jesus entrusts to us! One important way you can help us do that is by giving through ACH (a bank account) instead of a debit or credit card. Because of the processing fees attached to debit and credit card transactions, if everyone switched to ACH, a significant amount of money per month would be saved in fees and redirected into kingdom work! The implications are huge!

Thank you so much for giving to the mission of God through Stonegate Church. You can do that now through the button below. 

Give Online

You can also give through text. 

Giving to Stonegate is now even easier and more convenient. You can now give to Stonegate by texting your donation amount to 84321. For more information on how to give by text, watch this short video.

For more information or help with online giving, you can watch the video below, or email .