Working at Stonegate Church is a unique, rewarding and exciting opportunity to use your gifts and talents for a greater purpose — sharing God’s love. We work hard and have high expectations of excellence, because God deserves our best. If you are interested in joining our team, we invite you to take a look at our job listings.





We have an incredible staff made up of people of all ages, backgrounds and personalities. We are a team that values taking initiative, supporting each other, helping each other grow, and genuinely caring about one another. We are united in the purpose we serve. Every member of our team is passionate about reaching people for Christ, and we believe the work we do at Stonegate makes a difference in the lives of people every day to see them enjoy Jesus and make disciples.



    PURPOSE: To provide leadership and management of our church building and campus for ministry purposes and impact.

    Job Title: Facilities Manager

    Level: Full Time

    Reports To: Executive Pastor


    • This person must love God and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • This person shall be committed to the vision at Stonegate Church as well as a covenant member.
    • An ideal team player who is a hard worker, humble and takes initiative.
    • A big heart for ministry and a “whatever it takes” mindset to see our ministries thrive.
    • Ability to discern needs and respond appropriately, sensitively and proactively.
    • Fully committed to our staff axioms and leadership behaviors.


    • Ability to manage and support volunteers and possible staff.
    • Oversee and develop systems to provide basic set up and tear down for ministry events and classes.
    • Skilled at heading up special projects, working with building vendors, and developing systems to maintain our building and campus.
    Tasks and Responsibilities
      • Participate and oversee the cleaning and maintaining of the facility.
      • Oversee and execute basic event set-up and tear down through PCO management system.
      • Develop a team of volunteers for special projects.
      • Oversee safety team on Sunday and their ongoing development and training.
      • Order and replenish supplies needed for facilities.
      • Primary point of contact for all outside vendors who service the property and facility.
      • Attend all necessary meetings including staff and teams, etc.
      • To provide excellence in performing and overseeing room setups according to the eSpace reservation details.
      • To provide excellence in performing and overseeing the cleaning of the building, both general and detail cleaning.
      • To supervise any volunteers, facility staff, and contract staff, including written work lists.
      • To plan in advance for any extra help needed for vacations or large events such as Kids Camp, Christmas Concerts, Sing and Pray Nights, Christmas decorations, as well as Christmas and Easter services.
      • To schedule and monitor HVAC systems according to building usage and events.
      • While the current weekly schedule of Sunday – Thursday is fairly stable, you will work occasionally on weeknights and must be able to have a flexible schedule as events determine. Additionally, employee must be responsible for any unforeseen problems that might arise any time, understanding that you are a salaried employee.
      • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor.
      • Ensure the entire campus is up to "Stonegate Standards".
      • Readily available in emergency situations to respond to facility issues during off hours (e.g. fire alarm, power outage, security alarm, etc).
      • Ability to perform strenuous and continuous physical work, including heavy lifting over 50 pounds with complete mobility in building and grounds activities.


    • High school diploma and 1-3 years in facilities management or related field.
    • Ability to teach and coach others in areas of cleaning and facility maintenance.
    • Ability to multitask, meet deadlines and maintain composure under pressure.
    • Self-started needing minimal supervision.
    • Works well with others and within a team.
    • Well organized.
    • Basic IT and construction experience is preferred but not required.


    As a staff of Stonegate Church, the Facilities Manager agrees to abide by all the provisions of the Staff Guide. Stonegate reserves the right, at any time, with or without notice, to alter or change job responsibilities.



    An 18-month long residency at Stonegate is an opportunity for you to join our team, serve, and grow in your gifts as you use them to further our church for the glory of God! We are looking to develop, train, and equip leaders to take ground in seeing the gospel move forward!

    1. Eligibility: College graduate with a Bachelor's degree or higher, age 25 years or older

    2. Time Requirements: 40 hours weekly for 18 months



    A semester-based internship at Stonegate is an opportunity for you to join our team, serve, and grow in your gifts as you use them to further our church for the glory of God! We are looking to develop, train, and equip leaders to take ground in seeing the gospel move forward!

    1. Eligibility: Current degree-seeking college student, between 18-25 years

    2. Time Requirements: 20 hours weekly during semester commitment