Stonegate cares for you. 

Stonegate cares for every part of your journey to enjoying Jesus. We have developed an ongoing collection of curriculum known as Care Classes that can help you navigate through seasons, to go deeper with Jesus and grow in your faith.



    Redemption Groups is an 8 week discipleship experience for any believer wanting to grow in their ability to apply the good news of Jesus to their hearts and experience real change, healing, and growth. We also offer a weekend experience.

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    Marriage Care is a class for couples that works to connect the Gospel to their marriage. As we move into a deeper connection and love for God, we can move into a deeper connection with our spouse. The course will be on Wednesday evenings for seven sessions and will cover material connected to Paul Tripp’s book “What Did You Expect?”. The cost for registration and class materials is $25.

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    In the world’s economy, success is measured by what you have in your hand. In God’s economy, success is measured by what is in your heart. Financial Peace is a 9 week class that provides practical tools to help individuals, families, & churches live in financial freedom as a direct result of heart transformation. The class is designed to help you become a good steward, build a budget, dump debt, and leave money stress behind. The cost for registration and class materials is $80. (Pro Tip: 100% attendance and you get your money back!)

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    Care leader cohorts are development cohorts that meet once per month providing space for our Care Leaders, Group Leaders, Coaches and others to grow in their ability to lead others and hone in their ability to care for souls and shepherd other people. Each month, we will read or watch two or three different resources, and then will gather with a small group of others to share our thoughts, ask questions and learn with each other. Whether you lead a home group, lead in Redemption groups, Marriage Care or just want to lead one day within Stonegate, we'd love to have you join us!

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    Care at Stonegate has one goal in mind. We desire to see the soul of each individual cared for within our church family with the love of God found in Jesus. Life in a broken world brings sin and suffering into all of our lives. We all need moments for healing, guidance and hope. The primary way this is accomplished is through restored relationship with God through the power of the Gospel of Jesus. Through Jesus, we are free to be fully known and fully loved by God and our community. When we lay our need on the table and come to God and our church family with the empty hands of faith, we have the chance to be fully transformed through the love of God in the Gospel. Along with the Word of God, one of the primary means of grace we have to hear from God, is through the people of God. Whether it’s through our leadership in care classes, home groups, staff counseling or one of our preferred local counselors, we want to see our people taken care of and restored in their relationship with God. Only then, will they see the healing and reconciliation with others that they long for.


    If you’d like to serve in the care ministry through one of our care classes or on our benevolence team, we’d love to have you join us!

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    Geoff has been on staff with Stonegate full time for three years serving in the groups and care ministries. He has been serving with the care and counseling ministry for 8 years and is a former group leader with the church as well. Now he oversees some of the group coaches within the groups ministry and also oversees our proactive care classes. Geoff is currently pursuing is masters in biblical counseling from Dallas Seminary.

    —Geoff Mills

    Kevin joined the Stonegate staff in September 2014. He grew up in Arlington, TX and at age 20, left for Santa Cruz, CA to attend Bethany Bible College. While in California, he became a full time evangelist and traveled to 42 states and 8 countries preaching the gospel. He was privileged to speak at seven Billy Graham Associate Crusades giving his testimony and ministering to the youth. Kevin moved back to Texas in 1993. Since then, he has served in a bi-vocational capacity as youth pastor and singles pastor. God has birthed in him a great passion for reaching the lost and making His name known. He is married to Elizabeth (who has the biggest heart of anyone he has ever met!) He is blessed to have two sons, Justin and Grant.

    —Kevin Hill

    Sheri joined the Stonegate staff in July 2017. She grew up in Oklahoma, moving to Texas during her high school years. In 2003, she began serving as a worship leader for a local church, developing many programs to reach the community through music. Sheri has been involved in worship ministry for many years and God has grown in her a deep passion to share with others who God is and why worshiping Him is so important. Besides loving music, Sheri enjoys reading and spending time with her husband of 29 years, Joe, and their 3 beautiful girls.

    —Sheri Lee




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