We hope everyone in our church family will open themselves up to Jesus and hear clearly from Him during the ALL IN season. As you consider how you'll respond to the Lord, please consider these steps.



    Prayer and fasting are crucial in hearing from the Lord and discerning steps of faith. During this season, the Lord is asking each of us to come before Him and pray with open hearts. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants your generosity to look like for the next year. We would also love for you to fast. Fasting most often means a water-only diet, and fasting is one way we can proactively open our ears and hearts to the Lord.

  • READ

    Over the next four weeks, we’re asking everyone in our church family to read Risk is Right in your devotional time. This is a crucial part of the ALL IN journey.


    As you are reading and praying, we believe the Holy Spirit will be speaking to you. Take time to reflect on what God is saying to you. If you are married, talk together about what you sense the Spirit is leading you toward. If you find yourself in different places, continue to pray and humble yourselves before God and each other.


    Growing as a follower of Jesus equates into a life of ongoing steps toward Jesus. Those steps toward Jesus are full of risk, requiring real trust in Jesus. The truth is, we don’t grow without taking these risky steps of faith. This season in the life of our church provides us with an opportunity to grow by embracing the next risky step of faith for Jesus’ sake.