We understand that it can be stressful to drop your children off in unfamiliar surroundings. Our goal is to ease your stress and that of your children as much as possible. Please know that we take our responsibility of safeguarding your children very seriously. We require extensive training and a thorough background check for all volunteers. All rooms are checked for safety on a weekly basis. Your child's health is important to us, so all workers must also follow strict health guidelines for the prevention of the spreading of germs.

Stonegate Kids strives to offer a welcoming, encouraging, loving environment where your children will learn about Jesus through Bible stories and illustrations. Time spent with us will include story time, games, crafts, snacks, as well as play time with other children.

We suggest you try these steps when preparing your children.

    1. Be sure to explain to your children where you are going and what they will be doing (story time, games, crafts, snacks and play time with other children).
    2. Remind them that though you will not be staying with them, they will have other children and teachers in each classroom that will be there with them. Let them know how important it is that each of you has time where you can learn more about God. Assure them that you will not be far away as you worship in a building close by, and if needed, the teacher can easily come get you.
    3. Tell your children that church is a safe and fun place to be. Let them know how much their teachers love them and how important this special time together is.
    4. Don't forget to reassure them that you will come get them as soon as the service is over.
    1. We use a web-based program called Planning Center Online to get information and to check in children, birth – 5th grade. 
    2. You can to check in your kids at the Check-In Station in the lobby of the Conference Center or the Navarro College
    3. If this is your first time at Stonegate Church, you should allow for some extra time to register your children.  There will be a “Kids Check-In” Volunteer there to help you. 
    4. After you check your child in, you will receive a name tag for your child and a ticket receipt to pick them up. That receipt will have a number on it coordinating with your child’s number. 
    5. If at anytime your child needs you, that number will appear on the screen in the worship gathering.
    6. Please make sure we are aware of any medical conditions so that we are better able to serve you and your family.
    1. Be sure to congratulate your children on being brave in going to church by themselves.
    2. Ask what they learned during their time with us.
    3. Get them excited for returning next week!

For more information, please contact our Kids Ministry Director, Lisa Mitchell.