All In is a 2 year generosity initiative and we are halfway through at the one year mark! Below you’ll find the goals of All In, as well as the 3 primary endeavors that All In will support.


    Our primary goal is 100% participation. We want 100% of those who call Stonegate home to open themselves up to the Lord and have a life-changing encounter with Him as it relates to generosity.

    Our secondary goal is $11.2 million in generosity over these next 2 years to accomplish these Jesus-centered initiatives.



    Jesus defines our mission. We’re to extend the glory of God by making disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Simply put, we’re to make disciples that make disciples. By God’s grace, disciples have been and are being made at Stonegate Church.

    The ALL IN initiative will fund the ongoing work of disciple-making through: the Stonegate people unleashed on the mission of Jesus, our weekly worship gatherings, our preschool ministry, our children’s ministry, our student ministry, redemption groups, our home groups, various short-term mission trips, and a staff empowered to equip our church family for the work of disciple-making.


    ALL IN has been and will continue to be a sending season, focused on impact beyond our church family. This involves two major areas – church planting and orphan care.

    Over the last year we’ve given roughly 130 of our people to support church planting residents. We sent a group of people with Devinion Valentine to plant Omni Fellowship in Cedar Hill, TX. We sent another group with Brad Marvine to plant Restore Church in Arlington, TX. By God’s grace, we hope to reload with additional church planting residents to send. In addition, we’ll continue supporting 6-8 church planters per year.

    The heart of God for the orphan just continues to grow and blossom within our church. Over the last year we saw: six adoptions, six families licensed as foster homes (and 2 more in the process), four families waiting for adoptive placements, eight families respite certified, and more than 75 who expressed interest on Orphan Care Sunday.


    We’ve reached a critical point in the life of our church family. The Midlothian Conference Center has been a grace from Jesus. As our time comes to a close in the Conference Center, we’re in need of a new base for mission to both gather our church family and put down roots in our community. We’re in our final contract with the Conference Center, which means construction must begin in the summer of 2017 and relocation in the summer/fall of 2018.

    When our ALL IN Commitments came back at $11.2…it put two options before us.

    OPTION 1: STAY WITH OUR PREVIOUS PLAN. You might consider this a plan to accomplish one step (to get into a new facility). This was a plan designed around the Lord giving us roughly $6 million in ALL IN commitments. It includes a 50,000 square foot building, with an auditorium capacity of 700-800 seats. That auditorium space would also be shared with our student ministry. The drawback to this plan is that when by God’s grace we need more space we would be back to another large-scale generosity initiative to accomplish the next steps with our facility.

    OPTION 2: ALTER THE PLAN. The second option is to alter the original plan. You might think of the altered plan as accomplish step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with a facility right now, without another generosity initiative in a couple of years.

    What are the additional steps (2-5) this plan would include?

    Step 1: Represents option one, a 40,000-50,000 square foot building with a capacity of 700-800 in the auditorium.

    Step 2: Begin instead with an expanded auditorium of roughly 1100 seats.

    Step 3: Begin with dedicated student ministry space to facilitate disciple-making in that ministry.  

    Step 4: Strategically place the student ministry space at the back of the auditorium. When we need additional seating in our auditorium, we can remove a wall and move our stage back to gain another 400-500 seats.

    Step 5: Go ahead and build the children’s space larger, to meet the needs of the higher auditorium occupancy.

    We believe option two is the wisest step forward. What is the cost difference? Our current blueprint contains 63,600 square feet. We currently estimate the cost of that building to be roughly $11.5 million. Comparing option 1 & 2 above, getting steps 2-5 behind us now will cost an additional $2.5 million.

    How do we pay for that? When we started ALL IN at the beginning of 2016, we had $1.5 million set aside for a future facility. We also had $11.2 million in ALL IN commitments. When you subtract two years of operating budgets ($1.2 million/year) that brings the amount available for a facility from ALL IN commitments to $8.8 million. Then, when we subtract those sent to church planters, that brings the amount available for a facility from ALL IN commitments to $8 million. So that’s $1.5 million plus $8.0 million, for a total of $9.5 million available (which leaves us roughly $2.0 million from our goal). But Jesus continues to show his faithfulness! We currently have a contract on our 12-acre property on the corner of George Hopper and 14th street that we believe will net us $2.5 million. In that scenario, we will be right on target for paying cash for our facility.