A year ago we began a two-year season of extraordinary generosity called ALL IN. But this season has always been about much more than generosity – it’s been about our church family learning what it means to walk by faith! As we anticipated the two-year season of ALL IN, we knew it would be one of the most IMPORTANT seasons in the life of our church family. In many ways what happens during ALL IN sets the course for the next 20-30 years of ministry for our church. We also knew it was going to be one of the most DIFFICULT seasons for our church. Why? Well, talking about sacrificial generosity has a way of provoking one of our culture’s (and our personal) deeply held idols. In addition, we knew this two-year season would be hard because of our commitment to send about 130 of our people to new church plants for the sake of gospel multiplication. We knew ALL IN would be important and difficult, but there was one thing we didn’t know - Would ALL IN be one of our GREATEST seasons? That was our biggest question! We were asking the Lord to use ALL IN to sink the roots of faith deeper into our hearts! We were praying for stories that we could tell our kid’s kids someday. And looking back over the past year, I can confidently say…

The first year of ALL IN has been the greatest season in the life of our church.

From the first day of ALL IN, our primary goal has been for the Lord to show us what it means to venture all on Him, what it means to open up our lives to Jesus, what it means to listen and depend on the Holy Spirit and then take courageous steps of faith! Stonegate Church, God is answering those prayers. Secondarily, when ALL IN began we needed money to move forward to cultivate ministry, plant the gospel, and put down roots. I’ll never forget April 10, 2016 as we celebrated $11,200,000 in commitments to ALL IN. Jesus has been so faithful to us.

As we look forward to the second year of ALL IN, we’re asking Jesus to continue what he began in us! We’re asking the Lord to take us deeper into the life of faith, and therefore deeper into his big heart. How does the Lord do that? In short, the Lord calls us into RISK! In the end we really only have two options: We’ll risk our life for Jesus sake or we’ll waste it! By God’s grace, let’s be a church who chooses risk over waste!

I’m so privileged to be one of your pastors,